Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mmm....cereal...and cheesecake!

Many years ago, I devised a recipe for cheesecake using a small 6-inch springform pan. Most recipes for cheesecake call for a 9-inch springform pan and use two pounds of cream cheese. The idea of using two POUNDS of anything in a baking recipe sort of makes me queasy; especially since only two of us are usually eating it. Hence, the scaling down...literally and figuratively (really!).

I discovered Corn Flake crumbs in the clearance section of the supermarket awhile back. They are a less-sweet alternative to graham cracker crumbs and are more versatile since they can also be used in savory recipes. My crust recipe substitutes the Corn Flake crumbs for graham cracker crumbs.

The corn flakes actually have a "toothier" crunch and the contrast is nice with the cheesecake. They also hold up to moisture better than graham crackers which can be an issue when baking a springform pan in a water bath. I wrap the pan in foil, but that water always seems to find its way in during baking.

It is very important to remove pan from water bath immediately after baking to lessen seepage of water into crust. Blot excess water with towel.

Cool, then remove the sides of the springform and admire the holding power of corn flake crumbs.

Check out the structural integrity of that crust, even once a slice is cut!!

I serve with a cherry-almond sauce and whipped cream. The sauce is made from frozen dark sweet cherries; the recipe is on the Market Pantry frozen cherry package and I add some almond extract for extra sense-tempting deliciousness.

I promise that the full recipe will follow in a later post...once I figure out where I've put it for safekeeping.

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